According to the majority of employees most reasons for getting the sack don’t have anything to do with the real world. But all employers feel justified by their reasons and will stand by them in a court of law. Here are some common reasons why your boss has sacked you.

35%   The 2 voices in his head have said if you don’t go they will

5%   Cause he can…

37%  You weren’t agreeing with his plans to take over the world

7%   The homeless man across the street has better hygiene than you

15%  You asked for an extra 10 minutes for lunch

28%  Boss has discovered after 7 years the “life like” blow-up doll is not you

12%  He videotaped sacking you and plans to enter it into Australia’s Home Funniest Videos… this year he will win 1st prize

37%  He’s been in and out of psychiatric hospital for the past 6 months, his wife has been having sex with another man for the past 10 years, his kids don’t want anything to do with him… and YOU’VE changed

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