Twizlites around the world rejoice at Twizla Twiz becoming a giant thing. “I’m constantly Twizling,” said a Twizlatee, “give me a Twizle and I’ll Twizle Out. TwizPeace man!”

With Twizla becoming bigger than that annoying Bieber chap, Twilzlee’s are Twizling together for a mighty Twizlefest maybe tomorrow or the next day. Given that the first Twizla Twiz Day is many days away, many Twizees have got one hand on their Twizlesticks and the other in a packet of Twisties. “I am just so Twiz-eed man… what day is it? And get your hand off my Twizlestick,” twized a Twizlatee.

No one is sure what the hell “Twizling Out” actually is, as many Twizites speak in TwizTongues. Wikipedia have nothing on the new Twizla people. “How am I meant to find out stuff like this?” asked a local nobody, “Someone tell me… doesn’t the internet have the answers to shit like this?”

The TwizBuzz on everything Twizla is a Twiztery of a Twiz with couple of people demanding answers to why Witty Sam would Twiz a post of Twizle crap. “Can someone tell me where Witty Sam lives, I wanna slap the Twizla Twiz outta her…” said a rather angry chap who lives next door, “This made absolutely no sense!”

Witty Sam is on a mission to constantly make no sense… for fun – hoping to put everyone in a Twizla Twiz. “Admittedly, I have no idea what a Twizla Twiz is, but I love making up words,” Witty Sam confessed under extreme feather torture.

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