Going to the hairdresser is a great experience… a bit like a brothel but without the sex. And it’s far cheaper… not that I would know but I have friends who are well skilled in this area. Anyway, I feel so relaxed when my hair is getting cut… I could close my eyes and go to sleep. But that could be dangerous… I did that once and when I woke up my hair looked as though Britney Spears had taken to it with a rusty pair of scissors. Don’t let your guard down for one minute… and never, ever….ever complain about a bad hair style… you might as well pick up the scissors and just hack off you own hair and dip your head in acid. That will teach you to trust someone that never displays their “Hairdressing Degree” from Harvard on the wall…

3 Comments to “A trip to the hairdresser…”

  1. avatar Johnnie says:

    It’s really interesting to follow your articles.

  2. avatar Witty Sam says:

    Well Johnnie… keep following my “articles”! Just don’t look like a stalker – come up and say hello, my “articles” won’t bite. Have an indepth conversation with my “articles”, they love a good conversation… and they will even pose for a photograph!

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