There are things you don’t know about me and I’m quite scared about revealing myself to people. I’ve never been one to be very open about who I am. Opening myself up to others is the first step to a whole new world that I’m sure is filled with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. This blog post is my attempt at letting people know the “real me”. Yep, the REAL ME. Not some fake version of me… although I still believe that I am just a figment of someone’s imagination.

So here I am, putting down on the web things that you don’t know about me. It’s going to be tough. But you kn0w what, I don’t care that these things may change your perception of me. “This is me… this is who I am,” someone once told me to chant.

  • I love to swing… but not in the way you might think. I’m talking about Jazz.
  • I hate walking under ladders. Even if it means I have to take the extremely long way around that will take me half way around the world.
  • Uneven stuff. I can’t go past uneven pictures, towels, clothes or open petrol doors.  I won’t hear a damn thing you say if there is something wrong with your clothes. Whether your shirt sleeve or pants leg is turned up slightly, tags hanging out or any other improper wearing of clothes. It drives me insane and it must be fixed at once!
  • I stop at pedestrian crossings… of course for the people crossing, but I just like to give everyone the opportunity to cross, even if they don’t want to cross right away. Someone could come out of a shop any minute and want to use that pedestrian crossing. And yet I have a compulsion to put my foot down when I see jay-walkers…
  • 3/4 pants are full-length on me. I have really, really, really short legs…
  • I embarrassed myself in front of Kylie Minogue. Yes,  I am a huge fan of Kylie Minogue! Have been since I was 12 years old. I had the opportunity to meet her during her “Intimate & Live” tour while I was a University student. So I had my very mature speech prepared which involved words like, “feminism, post modernity and discourse” and yet when I saw her come off the bus at the Entertainment Centre in Newcastle, I was dumb-struck. She walked up to me and I said “Kylie, did you catch the bus?” And she looked at me and said, “Yes!” I vowed from that moment on to use a spokesperson if I’m given another chance to talk to Kylie
  • My therapists name is Nicky. Yeah, I’m that crazy!
  • Big things in museums scare me. I freak out when confronted by big things in museums. I once waited for people to go through the Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown so I could walk closely behind them. Sure, they thought I was weird… but that was the only way to walk past so many big planes. Anything big… I once freaked out while walking under a giant replica of a whale at a museum in Tokyo. Add to that list, wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. The Museum of Tiny Things is less scary… and so cute too!
  • I dance in empty lifts because no one is watching… I assume. But you will see me singing and bopping away in my car.
  • And finally, and importantly – I am extremely happy… not any regular “happy”, the special happy.

Phew, that feels a lot better! I’m glad I got those things off my chest. I hope you have been enlightened by these things you didn’t know about me. But at least you can say you know a few things about me. And I am comfortable with that. Next step is to tell my therapist…

9 Comments to “Things You Don’t Know About Me…”

  1. avatar SJ says:

    I love posts when writers open up and share things about themselves. It helps you to understand the person behind the blog and that’s pretty cool.

  2. avatar Bongo says:

    This is my favorite kind of blog post… real with humor..nice to meet you….As always…XOXOXOXO
    Bongos last blog post is ..BONGO CRIES

  3. Nice meeting you Sam, enjoyed reading and knowing about you in such an honest way. I am an open book and love sharing my undiluted thoughts.
    Sulekha Rawats last blog post is ..Happy Thanksgiving Friday Moment

  4. avatar rimly says:

    This was a beautiful post Sammy. It does take a lot of courage to open up publicly like this in a blog. But I sure enjoyed. Don’t worry you are not the only one with weird habits and fears. Add me to the list too.
    rimlys last blog post is ..My Love…

  5. avatar Janaki Nagaraj says:

    Good to know you….we are somewhat same in many areas.

  6. It is really great to open up like that Sam, but you didn’t tell us about the ring on your middle finger!

  7. avatar Elton Edgar says:

    How very captivating. You are indeed an interesting person! I wish I was. My most revealing thing I can think to unveil about myself is my cardboard folding hobby. It’s not an origami thing, I just fold cardboard into squares…that eventually unfold because they’re cardboard. Then, I drink water and put beige clothes on. Now, you officially know everything about me. Damnit.
    Elton Edgars last blog post is ..Sweet Post Apocalyptic Black Friday!

  8. avatar Janae says:

    I’ve a feeling she remembers the “crazy chick who asked if she caught the bus that she just got stepped off” far more than any well-worded fan. 😉

  9. avatar Jaime says:

    Lol sam, and I thought I was abnormal!!!

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