Witty Sam on June 11th, 2010

Twizlites around the world rejoice at Twizla Twiz becoming a giant thing. “I’m constantly Twizling,” said a Twizlatee, “give me a Twizle and I’ll Twizle Out. TwizPeace man!” With Twizla becoming bigger than that annoying Bieber chap, Twilzlee’s are Twizling together for a mighty Twizlefest maybe tomorrow or the next day. Given that the first […]

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Witty Sam on November 10th, 2009

We all need to use humor when updating our Facebook status! Boring status updates that let’s people know you just watched a movie and eaten too much candy that you feel sick, or “dang, I just missed the 7:15pm movie I thought started at 7:10pm… think I will sit here and wait for the 7:20pm”… […]

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