Witty Sam

Witty Sam on June 14th, 2010

Witty Sam goes bush and finds herself in a pickle… she doesn’t like pickles but at least it’s better than finding yourself in a kerfuffle. Will she survive? Can someone send help…?

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Witty Sam on June 11th, 2010

Twizlites around the world rejoice at Twizla Twiz becoming a giant thing. “I’m constantly Twizling,” said a Twizlatee, “give me a Twizle and I’ll Twizle Out. TwizPeace man!” With Twizla becoming bigger than that annoying Bieber chap, Twilzlee’s are Twizling together for a mighty Twizlefest maybe tomorrow or the next day. Given that the first […]

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Tired of listening to the sighs and general  sounds of life, Zslack Barstid decided to threaten his employees if they attempted to breathe by putting up Warning Danger signs throughout the entire office. “All I ask is a solid day’s work outta these people,” says Zslack Barstid, “and I am doing this for their own […]

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