I don’t miss TV at all. The television does not define who I am… I don’t need TV to exist. Those who know me might be thinking, “What? I didn’t  know that you aren’t watching TV anymore… this is a tragedy!” Don’t panic… it’s ok my friends. I am surviving without TV. In fact I’m […]

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For quite some time now people have been buying and selling all kinds of stuff online. There is so much stuff people buy and sell online. Admittedly, I never thought I would join all the crazy people who buy and sell with an online auction site. But guess what… I’m just as crazy as the […]

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Witty Sam on November 10th, 2009

We all need to use humor when updating our Facebook status! Boring status updates that let’s people know you just watched a movie and eaten too much candy that you feel sick, or “dang, I just missed the 7:15pm movie I thought started at 7:10pm… think I will sit here and wait for the 7:20pm”… […]

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