I swear I can stop anytime I want… it’s not like I have a problem… stop looking at me like that! So, I can’t get through the day without eating a few iced vo-vos… ok, a packet of iced vo-vos…. Alright, five packets. You don’t understand what it’s like… they have the sweetest taste and I can’t get enough of that coconut sprinkles. And my dealer gives me a good deal… if I buy 3 packets I get 2 free… well, that’s if I also have sex with the dude but that’s a great deal!

Rehab must be fun… all the celebrities are doing it now. Sign me up, I say! You will never know who you might bump into… but I can tell you that I would prefer Amy Winehouse as my roomie. With hair like that she could store a pack of iced vo-vos undetected.

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