Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t require a college degree… but somehow my underpants continue to confuse me. I take it for granted that when I grab those undergarments from my draw that they are the right side out. Then they are on – the rest of my clothes get themselves on. I feel like I have the world at my feet – my underpants are on nothing else matters… bring that bus on my friend cause I have clean underpants on. There I am half way through the day when… (insert suspense music here) I go to the toilet and I look down and my whole world is changed. My underpants are inside out… how can I get it so wrong? I tell myself, all I need to do is check before I put them on… but I like to live on the edge. If only there was a class… I probably wouldn’t take it… would be a bit creepy! Remember, if you haven’t got your underpants the right side out then you risk getting hit by a bus and having the paramedics pointing fingers and laughing at you when said underpants are discovered…

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