Orlando Bloom talking about Miranda Kerr again

Friends complained today that Orlando Bloom can’t shut the fuck up about Miranda Kerr. According to his close friends Bloom manages to bring every single conversation around to his wife Miranda Kerr.

Blooms’ obsession of talking incessantly about Miranda Kerr is now pissing his friends off. “I get it,” complained a close friend, “He married a fucking model and she’s clearly hotter than my wife but he doesn’t have to constantly rub my nose in it.”

“If Orlando Bloom talks about how beautiful his wife is or, how much his wife has changed his life or, how Miranda Kerr is a wonderful mother one more time, I’m going to punch him in the face,” said another close friend.

Friends have threatened to find another famous friend to hang out with if Orlando can’t find something else to talk about. Things don’t look good for Orlando’s friends as he has just told another close friend that he could “talk about Miranda all day”.


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5 Comments to “Orlando Bloom Can’t Stop Talking About Miranda Kerr”

  1. avatar Elton Edgar says:

    This is the funniest damn thing I have read in days! Thank you.
    Elton Edgars last blog post is ..Five White Guys, One Lady…and a black guy.

  2. avatar ren says:

    i think it’s funny

  3. avatar Torine says:

    Hey i think its quite roude. If orlando Bloom wanna talk bout miss Kerr .is cue he loves her. They fallen selves friends der just jelos cuz der wife ant day blooming good. Sute yor self and laf but it ant funny is jus roude.

  4. avatar Mini says:

    You made a few mistakes and isn’t Orlando bloom blooming sexy.
    Hey orlando if you wanna have sex go to minimimi@facebook.com and ill give you my address. I am only 28 and very hot. Divorce miranda Kerr and stop talking about her talk about me.

    I’m only joking this is my dream though

  5. avatar Mini says:

    He sent me a message saying nice try babes

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