I often feel the urge to take off my pants when I am feeling hot… it’s the first thing to go… God forbid that I take off a jumper or the snow jacket… people might go blind… the pants they just get in the way. Why bother wearing pants at all… I only end up taking them off… and that is exactly what I told the police when my pockets were “randomly” checked by police after a night out at a poetry reading party drinking endless cups of chamomile tea. I got very hot and took off my pants and resumed my rendition of “There once was a man from Nantucket…” To my surprise the police found 3 packets of Iced Vo-Vo’s in my pants… I did recognize them as “Iced Vo-Vo’s” but I swear they were not mine. Sure I had some coconut on my face and a little jam on my fingers but I had no idea that I had so many packets of Iced Vo-Vo’s in my pockets…

Read Todd McKenney’s sad story here.

One Comment to “My pants were down too…”

  1. avatar Ron Red says:

    …and I have a similar sorry tale involving my trews and a packet of tim-tams that certain (rather wicked!) friends will not let die –
    why are people so unkind?

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