Kyle Sandilands has said stupid things on the radio in the past– but he has really out-done himself this time! I wasn’t sure if he was trying to say witty things or whether he’s unsure of what a concentration camp really is.

Kyle Sandilands – hit the kill switch… Kyle Sandilands

The “kill switch” that 2Day FM should have used seems a like an extreme form of execution. Although it could have been the highest ratings 2DayFM would ever get… imagine how many people would listen to the painful screams as Kyle is fried live on radio. Tune in tomorrow to find out Kyle’s fate

We are all forgetting about his side-kick with a letter for a surname – Jackie O. Jackie OOOOOOh, I don’t know what my surname is – I can only remember the first letter. For just $1 a day, your generous donation will help Jackie O to survive in a world without Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands – off the air

Did anyone notice his quick exit to L.A?  Its okay mate, I would have helped you pack your bags… there was no need to make a mad dash over to the U.S before the news hits their media, Mr Kyle Sandilands.

I rang Rupert Murdoch and told him that “Kyle Sandilands said stupid things about Magda Szubanski – no one should let him near another micro-phone again!” Although I was in a game of Chinese whispers at the time so it could end up as “Kyle Sandilands said some really insightful and well articulated words of inspiration about Magda’s weight loss.”

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