I wake up every morning with what seems like a sprained ankle. I must have decided to take on Cathy Freeman during my sleep… it’s the only plausible reason I can think of for my sore foot. I really need to warm up before a big race… especially against Cathy Freeman. What makes me think that I would have a chance in hell in beating her I don’t know. We are constantly running from something.. whether it’s from the police, the grim reaper or the crazed lunatic who won’t stop stalking you…

It’s all about good footwear. I have tried running in flippers… it won’t get you very far and people will only point and laugh… if anyone has tried this, they know this look well… waving your arms around as though those imaginary swarm of bees are attacking you again. I recently bought a pair of joggers… I wish someone told me that they are no good in an emergency… when running from a building collapsing, as I often am, I can only seem to manage a slight jog. “Everyone make a run for it… save yourselves.. tell my family I love them!” Then I look back and I see someone behind me .. they have no hope getting out alive wearing those flippers.. only if they had thought about their choice of footwear before leaving the house.

Runners might have been a better decision but I would look suspicious running away from a situation that only requires a slight jog. .. “I swear officer, it wasn’t me that blew up that building, it’s my shoes that make me run that fast!” It’s better than wearing your walking shoes… I hate getting stuck behind someone wearing their walking shoes. My best advice is to keep a bag with you at all times that has all your shoes for all occassions… then you will be covered whatever the situation.

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