Here I am standing on the top of Mount Everest! I have fashioned a megaphone from some cardboard…who needs oxygen….well, I know what you are thinking – how on earth can I be typing on top of the world’s tallest mountain without passing out. Good question…. iced vo-vo’s…it’s the answer to everything…and Google Earth. It’s fantastic…travelling around the world has never been so easy. I will never have to get up from my La-Z-Boy (why on earth it’s called a “Boy” I will never know – why not Sam… I am just as lazy) ever again. It’s so addictive..more so than iced vo-vo’s! A friend of mine called last week and asked whether I could go to a party (no it wasn’t Corey Delaney) – I told her I was in Bali with 5 kilos of pot and a packet of iced vo-vo’s and would drop in if I had time…imagine her surprise when I arrived at the party 2 hours later…perhaps I should have told her that it I was travelling via the magic that is Google Earth.

3 Comments to “Hello World!”

  1. avatar Vanessa Rothwell says:

    google earth is so much fun, I saw the hollywood sign in LA, the great wall of china and hiroshima in one sitting.

    It is well good mate…

  2. avatar Witty Sam says:

    Keep travelling… the frequent flyer points will come in handy!

  3. avatar erinbonnie says:

    I was wondering where my pot went.

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