Why do people look at you strangely when you start talking to yourself? I think the best conversations I have are with myself… I get so much sorted out… like deciding whether to go completely naked or to wear just two tassels hanging from my nipples as I run around the shopping centre screaming “The mother ship has landed!”. But I think it’s important to keep people guessing… will you or won’t you snap and go completely nuts today. But it’s difficult when I start to argue with myself… there is no escaping me. That’s it! I am off… Where do you think you are going? I am not finished yet… I don’t want to talk you anymore… Get your arse back here! No… you can finish this blog by yourself…Yeah, well we all know that I am the brains of this operation… Fine, see if I care cause I can write a perfectly… um, witty eh, thing here… so, excuse me I need to get my… I will be right back…

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