I feel so sorry for Heath Ledger. It must have been a very hard night for him. It’s an absolute shame… I think someone needs to write a strongly worded letter to the authorities…

I have had first hand experience… I bought Wizz Fizz in the past and have been terribly distraught when I open the packet and find that there is no spoon. No spoon I tells ya’… how can they get that wrong?! Don’t they know that when we open a packet of Wizz Fizz and see no spoon all hell breaks loose! The first thing that I do, on such an occasion, is reach for my purse for a $20 note… not a $5 or $10 note… it has to be a twenty. I roll it up and suck my Wizz Fizz through it… you have to be careful as an overdose of Wizz Fizz could be dangerous!

I am not saying that there should be a Wizz Fizz spoon exchange program but someone needs to end the madness…

One Comment to “Give me more Wizz Fizz…”

  1. avatar erinbonnie says:

    I love wizz fizz.

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