Hymen Gel Ad

Hi, my name is Paris Hilton!

My hymen got all stretched out and out of shape for no apparent reason… I was so embarrassed and couldn’t show my hymen in public until I found Hymen gel! Now my hymen feels brand new like a virgin.

Ha Ha Cemetery Open Day

Ha Ha Cemetery an Crematorium Open Day this Saturday.

Fun for the whole family! Get an inside look at the funeral business – guaranteed to give your kids nightmares for years. Take your kids behind the scenes of our exciting funeral and crematorium rooms where kids can see exactly how we prepare the body of your dead loved one.

Death Mask Face Painting for the kids, Dead Mime Artists, guided tours, dig your own grave competitions and showbags!

Asics joggers: $130, Sports pants: $40, Puma Shirt: $30, Champion baseball cap: $20. Keeping pace running with Parramatta footballers: PRICELESS. Going to hospital in an ambulance and getting heart restarted with a defibrilator… Totally covered by health insurance.

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