I have never considered myself to be any good at flirting. Even when I thought I was doing it right a guy thought I was having an epileptic fit. Hmmm… not the response I was after and there was no need to call for that ambulance. And having a guy take a restraining order out against me after innocently thinking I was flirting is not good for my ego… I didn’t know placing my hand on his groin was out of bounds. I was waiting in line at the grocery store the other day and asked the dude in front of me “to give me a large Freddo Frog” as I didn’t want to get out of line and lose my place… imagine my surprise when he called the police… I am now up on sexual harassment charges. Who would have thought that the need for chocolate would cause so much trouble…

2 Comments to “Flirting for Beginners…”

  1. avatar JG1976 says:

    Sam – you’re a classic!

  2. avatar Robert Farah says:

    The same applies to me. I am not good at flirting.Always ends in disaster.

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