I swear although I may look like a stalker I AM NOT A STALKER…. Just because I innocently took a “man’s” jacket… posted a video on You Tube, posed seductively in the jacket and created a website – does not make me a stalker! Yeah, sure some photos look like I am wearing nothing but the jacket – if it means a photo shoot with Penthouse magazine then it’s worth it.

Sure, I have 3 restraining orders against me but they are all misunderstandings… well at least one of them is… okay, okay… so it was a mistake to turn up at their workplace everyday telling them that they can’t live without me or their clothes – but I am not a stalker. And maybe the jacket will need some heavy duty dry cleaning… but I just know Man In a Jacket is meant for me… all the other men – whose clothes I have returned by the way… pale be comparison. I must say Man in a Jockstrap was a new experience… at least I had somewhere to store my medication…

I plead to you Man in a Jacket… look in your wardrobe… your jacket is NOT there. Remember the day you walked away and how breezy yours arms felt. There was no jacket on your body the day you stole my heart and I stole your jacket… I mean hanging onto your jacket for ransom… no, what I meant to say is… I won’t give back your jacket until I hunt you down and strap an ankle bracelet so you will never leave me again! It’ll show the world that I am no desperate psychotic stalker with a fetish for male jackets…

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See her “I am not a stalker” You Tube video here

2 Comments to “Crazy Jacket Lady..”

  1. avatar Couscous says:

    Why “Witty Sam”? A little presumptuous?

  2. avatar Witty Sam says:

    Thanks Couscous for taking the time to leave an amusing comment… sorry it took me so long to reply but I only just finished laughing

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