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Witty Sam on July 22nd, 2011

According to a new report released today, experts who have spent the past 2 years just observing you, say there’s no hope for you. The 200 page document was compiled to bring your attention to your innate and utter obliviousness to your sad, pathetic life. Experts also hope that their report will kill any hopes, […]

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Tired of listening to the sighs and general  sounds of life, Zslack Barstid decided to threaten his employees if they attempted to breathe by putting up Warning Danger signs throughout the entire office. “All I ask is a solid day’s work outta these people,” says Zslack Barstid, “and I am doing this for their own […]

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Witty Sam on January 18th, 2010

Customer service is one of two things… a really good experience or a complete nightmare that requires years of therapy. And if you are really lucky, customer service is bi-polar… that’s when you get both crazy worlds! Share your crazy customer service experiences here with the world by leaving a comment under the post Customer […]

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