For quite some time now people have been buying and selling all kinds of stuff online. There is so much stuff people buy and sell online. Admittedly, I never thought I would join all the crazy people who buy and sell with an online auction site. But guess what… I’m just as crazy as the next person! I have been selling stuff left, right and centre for years now… and I have bought a bunch of stuff online as well – so I have come out even. I’m thinking about selling myself online soon. But the big question is – what would be the highest bid?

It can be addictive as well as nerve wracking. The last time I sold something online I nearly had to call a lunatic asylum to admit myself! I thought that my guitar was going to sell for 99 cents! But at the very last minute it went for quite a song… not literally.

Here I am dancing the Charleston in 1931 at a Speakeasy

But I knew buying and selling online would be the biggest thing since the Charleston hit that dance floors of Speakeasy’s. You see, back in my day when the first talkies hit the screen, and the internet hadn’t quite taken off, people where buying and selling stuff in “shops”. I know that might sound foreign to many people, but that’s what they did.

While I was at one of Carole Lombard’s famous parties in 1932, I was telling Gable (that’s Clark Gable for those Y Gen’s) about the day when we will all be on the internet – networking on Facebook, Tweeting each other, poking each other and buying and selling goods online. I know… I was a visionary but people looked at me pretty strangely back then – pretty much what they do now. That might have something to do with talking to myself in public.

The Duggar Family need to buy and sell everything online

I don’t have to tell you intelligent people that there are more online auction sites than there are Duggar children. I mean who has 19 Children and Keeps Counting? My mother can’t remember how many children she has and there are only 3 of us!

Ebay has been the big kahuna on the web for a very long time. And I would agree it still is, but now there are so many online auction sites for people to choice from. That’s fantastic news for anyone who wants to buy and sell online! The tricky thing is, how to pick the right one for you. Well, I would like to introduce you to Twizla!

Excellent... I can buy & sell online with Twizla

What is Twizla?

Twizla is an Australian owned online auction site company. Sure they are paying me to say great stuff about them… but you know, I just don’t take money from anyone!  Twizla is the social marketplace where people can interact, build relationships plus buy and sell online at the same time. It’s a community based online auction site where people can participate in discussions.

Twizla offers free registration, no listing fees and a fun place to buy and sell stuff.

Twizla provides usability and simplicity with various web 2.0 standards.

These technological advancements provide for easy navigation, the ability to sell products in a single step, an external payment system and video as well as other marketing tools so that sellers can maximize their chances for a sale. These represent only a handful of new and exciting features Twizla offers the online auction community.

For non-technical people like myself there is an on-site tutorial in the Help section to get newbies to Twizla started. And you can even sign in with your Facebook account. The most impressive feature is Twizla’s customer service. I really appreciate great customer service and Twizla is on the ball.  If you have a question that can’t be answered in the Help Centre… and believe me there is more information here than there  is in the book ‘War and Peace’ – you can send a message and it will be answered by Twizla staff within 48 hours.

Who are these Twizla people?

The very smart, innovative and passionate people behind Twizla are really fantastic people who have set out to revolutionise the online auction site landscape.  When I first met the chap who runs the company, I was quite impressed with his attitude. Dougie Vrankovic is the Director & Creator of  Twizla and the most down to earth guy you could ever meet. As he spoke to me about Twizla he lit up like a Christmas tree – and that’s not something you see everyday.

My version of Dougie Vrankovic CEO of Twizla

Dougie is someone that has a driving passion to create an online auction site that listens to the online community. “I want to encourage  people to give feedback so we can improve the way they buy and sell online,” said Dougie.

So when he asked me to join the team as a blogger, I had to say “yes”. So technically I am one of the Twizla people. It was a brave move on Dougie’s part – I’m a comedy writer. But he could see I have a talent (whatever that might be)… to write about anything and put my own Witty Sam spin on it. To quote Dougie…

Witty Sam is the cream of the crop.

What high praise! Don’t get me wrong – I just don’t jump onto any ship. The last time I did that, the damn thing sank in the middle of the Atlantic and there was only 20 lifeboats for more than 1000 souls. So I now like to get to know the person behind the wheel before I decide to get on board. Check out the Twizla blog and leave your comments, ideas or just to say “hey” – I’d love to hear from you. And I will respond… you can count on that!

But there is more than blogging to an online auction site. Dougie has an experienced team behind him that have created innovative features that include state of the art technology and exceptional programming. And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of them recently when I visited the Twizla Head Office in Parramatta.

When you are looking for a place to buy and sell online, sign up with Twizla…. the true blue Aussie online auction site.

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