I woke up this morning and looked out the window… it’s another wet and miserable day in Sydney. Not that I am complaining… we need the rain. I am very supportive of the rain… I’ll even build myself an ark, get 2 of every animal… I will even stand on the roof naked doing a little happy rain dance pronouncing my love of the rain… that will be before men in white coats drag me away to the funny farm. Why on earth do they call it the “funny farm”… are there animals performing stand-up comedy? “A funny thing happened to me crossing the road the other day…”

You need to make up excuses to not go into work when it’s cold and rainy outside. “I have had a sudden attack of Tourettes syndrome… you bastard… I won’t be coming in today… shithead” Of course, you may need to keep up the pretence of having Tourettes for a while, which might make office life more fun. “Hey you, get that report to me now, shit for brains… Excuse me boss, I have that report you were after, tiny dick man” Oh, it will be a laugh-a-minute around my office next week…

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