I hate giving bad news to anyone… even people I don’t like that much. I would cover my ears, close my eyes and sing quite loudly to myself so I wouldn’t hear anything that I shouldn’t.. ’cause if I did hear it and I bumped into the person in question I would feel the need to tell that person. If only people would wait until I left the room to have sex with someone that wasn’t their partner…

But since discovering the art of charades I have made delivering bad news a joy…. one that the whole family can get involved in. Now… the point is if the other person guesses the bad news then they had fun playing the game and I feel better about it – it’s a win-win situation. I have found many uses of my new found talent… telling a fellow colleague that they are fired… letting my Manager know that his hair is too long, he really needs a bath and perhaps he should think about changing his shirt more that once a week… asking my boss for a pay rise ’cause the money he is paying me wouldn’t support an aardvark…

So go ahead give it a try… your children will enjoy finding out that the dog died when you backed into him with the 4 wheel drive and couldn’t be resuscitated through a fun game of charades… but then again you could always tell them that Fluffy was recruited by a local circus ’cause he was sooo talented and didn’t have time to leave a note or forwarding address…

3 Comments to “The Art of Charades…”

  1. avatar erinbonnie says:

    I actually had to do this once.

    Only I had to tell some kids their parents had been burnt alive.

    Fun for me.. not so much for them unfortunately.

  2. avatar Witty Sam says:

    At least you got your message across using the ancient art of charades… those kids should be thanking you

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