Angry Sydney train commuter warns all Sydney train commuters and that woman with the red jumper that she is out for revenge. “Summer Breeze” started out as a happy-go-lucky kinda gal until she realized that Sydney train commuters couldn’t give a shit whether she made it to her train or not. She’s even changed her name to reflect her new attitude towards every Sydney train commuter. Anyone who uses Sydney trains will have to watch their backs…

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2 Comments to “Angry Sydney Train Commuter”

  1. Hi Sam,
    Your photo tells me Avatar had better not mess with the Central Coast Commuter. I do know where you are coming from re the train commuters; there does seem to be a ‘detachment’ quality needed to commute on trains.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw’s last blog post is ..Empowering Mindset – Obstacles or Pffffffft =-.

  2. avatar Cemil says:

    “Baby Shit”??

    That’s gold Sam!

    You just need to stand looking at the wall or a pole at the station and mumble to yourself – everybody will get out of your way. Hey how else can you get a seat these days…

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